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Having a Strong Online Presence Can Help You Land a Dream Job—Key Steps for a Start!

👉 Inspired by / written by Lina

During the JIFF Bootcamp we always have discussions about the Social Media use and impact while searching a job. We are happy to share insightful article from platform 'The Muse' with some key tips.

Your Digital Footprint is You.

Gone are the days when applying for a new job entailed writing a cover letter, uploading your resume, hitting submit on the job application site, and hoping for the best.

Be sure to Control Your Social Media presence - audit.

What to do first? Well, first we reflect on how and were we already communicate, or what kind of Social Media channels we do have now. Write all them down.

If some of your channels are not relevant anymore - deactivate. If you hesitate make them private and lock it. Especially if You do not what to show too much to your future employers.

Employers are choosing People. Your Social Media sometimes might show sides that you do not want to share with the world but still do.

Let's get back to those channels that are active and will be Your tools in the future! These channels are Your 'business cards', your reputation online, your portfolio. As we said, it's Your tools! Don't be afraid to do changes: Your profile photo, covers, BIO, etc. - you will need to be consistent. Make sure that you 'look' as You would like to be seen by HR.

Clean Up Your LinkedIn/ Xing/ Hosco profiles

It doesn't matter which professional channel you used till now but the moment you start your Online Communication for job search - it's time to refresh it! It's not just your digital resume it's your online reputation. Professional channels will be first place where Your future Employer will look at all of them after scrolling Your CV and Motivation letter. Be sure you are ready to meet them online. Let's say it's an informal meeting without talking.

Embrace Your creativity! We know - the hardest part. Change Your description, work on your BIO and 'about' section, learn more about platforms itself. Moreover sections 'activity' and 'featured' are your most important in your online reputation journey.

Create a Personal Website

What about Your personal Website? Be aware not to overwhelm yourself as working on your personal online reputation the key word is - consistency, and it's not the easiest task to begin with.

But Personal Website might one stop shopping for Your future employers, especially if your work are projects, creative and might have strong visual authenticity. You also have a possibility to prioritise what is important and not. Some of website builders have resume layouts and other helpful tools to make the best of your online presence.

But as we said before stepping to this zone - be sure to work first on your planning and capacity to do consistent work on your Personal Branding / Reputation.

Keep Your Online Presence Updated!

Consistency is everything. Plan days when you will do your posts, what articles you want to share, what journey is important to share about, where you started and how much you have grown, etc. It's important to look after your channel if you really want them to work for you.

When you finalise your look online, information is all updated, it's time for fun - optimisation! Be sure that you go through all your setting and make your profiles visible to others. Also, as an example, LinkedIn has an important feature that allows recruiters know you’re looking for jobs.

Well, are You ready to sep in? Good luck! And don't forget You always have our back :)

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