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Get Your Job Search Weekly Planner!

To plan Your Job Search is not only overwhelming but also challenging! Where to start what to do? Our team prepared Your Weekly Planners. Download or Use the digital version!

Why planners are good in Job search journey? Job search is not an adventure it is a task that will feel like rollercoasters to a majority of us. To have a plan is to control the situation, speed, and path. You will see where you do mistakes, what can you improve.

Download Your planner HERE!

weekly to do's
Download PDF • 447KB

What should You focus at? Please look at our newest 'Job Search Framework'

Focus on four key pillars: Integration: The job search is not only CV and Job applications. Be sure to join the local community, the network that may lead you to needed people, and a potential work environment. As an example, at the LiLi Centre (Community Centre in Luzern) we have approximately 400 members offline and 3000 online from different backgrounds and industries.

Reputation: Yes, when you move to Switzerland or any other country - you start your journey from scratch. It might be scary at first because no one knows you, neither your job experience can be relevant in the SWISS market. It means you will need to start your reputation in a different environment. Your reputation (online/offline) is combined from three key points: Your values, personal and professional experience, and characteristics. All three of them need to be seen in your Social Media channels, CV, motivation letter, etc.

CV: Your resume for the SWISS market will look different than for another market. You need to learn guidelines and change/improve your CV based on the needs in the SWISS Job market.

And last but not least Interview: Learn about the company you are going for. If you know the person you will meet - try to learn about him more too. What about Corporate communication? Maybe you can see are employees actively representing the company and you can improve your online presence before meeting HR. Questions? Do a mockup before. Train your answers in various types of questions.

Based on these pillars You can think about Your planner: research days, content development, Your personal brand development, etc.
We wish you good luck!


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