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Let's meet our main partner The LiLi Centre and their programme for Strategic Volunteers!

The Lili Centre is a community centre for international residents and locals alike, regardless of their country of origin, religion, language, or gender identity focused on helping them to integrate and network in local society; in order for them to Connect, Grow, Thrive.

This is achieved by focusing on three pillars: information, education and networking, as well as actively building “bridges” between locals and migrants.  A variety of programmes are offered to help people from all walks of life to feel at home and equip them with the knowledge to integrate more competently within the Swiss system. 


The LiLi Centre is run fully by Volunteers. The Centre looking for volunteers to help us run the Centre on a daily basis, as well as contribute to our space, programming, and upkeep. As part of the JIFF Programme, LiL iCentre provides 'Strategic Volunteering' positions based on volunteers skills for job search: project management, HR, Accounting, Marketing, Social media management, etc. 

 If you are interested to challenge your skills or you are lacking experience in Switzerland to enter Job market, please contact at (add in the email 'JIFF Strategic Volunteering Programme').


- Experience in Switzerland 

- You can upgrade Your Skills 

- Learn New Skills 

- Free/discounted Workshops based on the LiLi Centre programmes

- Team and support


Corinne Corrigan

Corinne Corrigan 

Lina Petraviciute

Lina Petraviciute

Charlie Hartmann

Charlie Hartmann

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