JIFF helps foreigners to find a job in Switzerland

How we operate: 

  • We hold information coffee mornings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month

  • We share our experiences

  • We exchange ideas about where to look for jobs

  • We tell each other about our job search experience

  • We tell each other what to do and what not to do

  • We hold workshops to help you write a good CV

  • We help you adapt this CV to a job application

  • We tell you what HR managers are looking for

  • We prepare you for the job interview

  • We give you tools to integrate and offer networking opportunites


Some other important facts:

  • We work in close association with SIVO

  • Our services are free. We are not a commercial organization

  • We are not a recruitment agency

  • We are not a job finding agency

  • We charge a small fee (CHF 40.-) for our 3-part workshops




2019 06 13/20/27th


Denise Mattsson

JIFF Coordinator & Workshop Facilitator

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